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The Motley Fool

Tom Gardner from the Motley Fool was Tien Wong’s fireside chat guest this morrning at Tien’s Connectpreneur event in Bethesda, MD.   My sister-in-law worked at the Fool for a time in the mid 1990s so I’ve been aware of the company for a long time now.

As Tom described, the Fool had big problems in the early 2000s but faced them square on, and 17 years later the company continues on with 300 or so employees, prosecuting the same general mission they’ve been on since it’s founding.

Tom came across as a smart and genuinely good person, and his company is well known for its strong culture.   I was surprised to see Tom on the agenda, because I haven’t thought much about the Motley Fool for years, but I left the event happy that the Gardners and their company are doing well (and doing good).

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