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Rafting Adventure – sometimes it’s the little things

Went with a friend this weekend on a white water rafting trip to the Upper Gauley river in West Virginia.   If you ever get a chance to take that trip in the fall when the release of water from an upstream dam creates amazing white water conditions, do it!

My friend booked through River Expeditions and had used them before.  I can’t vouch for how easy it was to make the reservations, but I can tell you that from arrival through the end of the rafting trip, this company made things very easy.

  1. lodging check in was decidedly low tech but seemless.  we had a key in about 90 seconds.
  2. at the check in area for the rafting trip, they had posted on a chalkboard the NEXT day’s group names, number in party, and departure times.   I loved the positive confirmation that we were in the system.
  3. the little restaurant that served breakfast before the trip posted a sign that said “open at 6:30am” and I think they probably opened at 6:25am.   certainly not 6:35am.
  4. check in for the trip was super easy, as was their process for renting and getting gear.
  5. the bus left exactly on time.   there were probably 60 people in our group, and everyone was able to check in and get outfitted without hassle.
  6. on the way to the put-in, the trip leader gave a comprehensive briefing about how the day would go, and it ultimately went according to plan.

This company saved the adventure for the river.   No adventure, no drama, no hassle leading up to it.   Awesome.

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